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‘Soma’ is the Greek word for body.


The practice of somatics is an inquiry into knowing ourselves and the world around us, by listening to the body and its language. This knowing can gift us with the direct experience of wholeness, as we connect with and embrace all that we are.


Somatics offers us a therapeutic, sensation-based approach to self-exploration and transformation. Different from top-down modalities that encourage people to follow an outside-in formula for change and healing, somatic learning guides you to form a unique and FELT relationship with yourself and your own wisdom, by sensing your experience from the inside. 

We do this by connecting with the felt sense: bringing our presence and awareness to the sensations, feelings, emotions, and images contained and spoken by our wild, intricate and delicate nervous systems. 

We practice dropping into the field of embodied intelligence, simply by listening and following the impulses, messages, movements and sounds that our bodies show us. In turn, we become intimate with the ways that our bodies breathe, dance and speak the truth. 


By coming into close contact with your somatic world, and re-integrating its wisdom into the way that you relate to yourself, others and to life, you build capacity to live from your embodied aliveness: from who you are at your core. 


From this place, you are able to rest into a natural sense of being and belonging, sourced from within, as the foundation for how you show up in the world. The practice of tracking and moving in collaboration with our body’s intelligent, sensual knowing, supports us in moving through life with honesty, integrity, and devotion to what is real for us.

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