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Somatic Educator 
For Women Certification



SOMA  is the Greek word for body.
The practice of Somatics is an inquiry into knowing ourselves and the world around us,
by listening to the body and its language. This knowing can gift us with the direct experience of
 long lasting embodied transformation & a deep sense of  wholeness. As we begin to re-align ourselves to our embodied truth, we also utilise our sense of wholeness as an act of service & change in the world.  

This 8-month online certification training  hosted by 11 expert teachers will teach you everything you need to know to start your career or deepen your skills as
a somatic educator for women.

Preparing you to become a deeply attuned and grounded leader
with the ability to host retreats, workshops and 1:1 sessions
specialising in themes that centre  body intelligence, trauma resolution, shadow work,  somatic dance therapy, the erotic & the Feminine. 


One of the biggest challenges we face today is the phobia of deeply feeling and connecting to our full emotional, sensual, psychological & spiritual landscape, through the body. 

We have been conditioned to forget how to communicate from and be grounded in our body's intelligence. We no longer trust our inner knowing.

Because of this, many of us often don't feel safe to just be ourselves. Rather, we are programmed to adapt ourselves, please others & live by unattainable standards based on what we do, how we look, how successful, youthful & sexy we are, to affirm our worth. 


It is In our search to be accepted, belong & avoid feelings or experiences of abandonment, we end up self abandoning.


Losing touch with some of the most intimate & holy aspects of ourselves that provide us with our innate, felt experience of belonging. The experience of belonging to yourself to life itself. 

We have been conditioned that living from and being grounded in authenticity, presence & embodiment, is not even an option for a fulfilling and enriching life.  A life on our terms. A life of connection, pleasure & nourishment.

Somatic wisdom is one of the most powerful sources to integrating our pain, feeling our pleasure and actualising our potential.

It is a re-orientation towards feeling safe to feel & express all of you.

It is a journey inward, taking you face to face with the intensity of discomfort, the power of pleasure, and the mystery of the unknown; helping you come to these with open arms, deep exhales and full surrender. 

It is a home-coming, back to the core of who you are & how that translate as an act of embodied service towards a new world that places love, connection & liberation at the centre. 

F e e l i n g  s a f e,  a l i v e  & 
F r e e  i n  y o u r  b o d y
i s  y o u r  b i r t h r i g h t.

A peak into Module 1 

Principles of Education

Principles of Education
Copy of Minimalist Educational IG Posts-2.png
The Invitation

The Invitation


We need to slow down, feel and listen to what is true, beyond what we are told is true from the outside. 

Truth beyond self-abandonment in order to belong

Truth beyond the constructs and programming we have received about how to be, what to do, how to look, how to feel, how to heal, how to love and how to be loved. 

Truth beyond an idealised image of how we think we should work, relate, parent, make love, speak, dance, breathe and be as a woman.

We need to listen to what is happening under the surface, so that we can ask and discover: 

How can I belong intimately to myself and this life, and thrive in loving service to the world as an embodied, sovereign woman?

Women have a complex and layered relationship to their bodies - layers of shaming and conditioning around our sexuality, menstruation, pregnancy, ageing, motherhood, gender roles, body image, workplace, power and so much more that has been deeply impacted by yes- patriarchy.


But what we are more interested in unpacking in this training & becoming educators around,  is not being a victim to this paradigm but how we have internalized it as women, continue to perpetuate it and how we can come back to living life in relationship to our authenticity & the Feminine principle.

This immersion is a laboratory to dismantle the programming we as female bodied beings have received and an embodied investigation towards reclaiming and exalting the feminine, the shadow, and body intelligence as our greatest allies towards wholeness. 


Your Guides

Maanee Chrystal
- Lead Facilitator -

Maanee is a Trauma-Informed Somatic Psychotherapist, Dance Therapist, Erotic Educator & Somatic Integrative Trauma therapist. 

Maanee recognises the work in the realm of the shadow, trauma, somatic safety, embodiment, the erotic & the nervous system as a form of embodied activism & feels it is one of the most important areas  we must place high priority towards, both individually & collectively if we desire long lasting & integrated change in a collapsing & disembodied world. She  has curated this training from her 11 years of personal & professional investigation into the themes centring this certification. 

Her embodied transmission from her psychotherapeutic background combined with her personal experience has touched 1000's of women around the world. She is the founder of the the Somatic Educator training & the Somatic Institute for Women.

- Guest Teachers -

Dr. Saida Desilets
Body philosopher, author &
sexual sovereignty advocate
Jenny Hale
Trauma expert & emotional intelligence coach
Screen Shot 2021-12-05 at 2.52.48 pm.png
Jasmine Alicia Carter
Menstrual cycle awareness coach & period artist
Maya Luna
Poet & teacher on the deep
feminine mysteries
Ava Irani
Non-dual & hridaya yoga
meditation teacher
Portrait_Andrea Lee (1).jpeg
Dana Mara
Decolonization & gender diversity educator, artist & sexological bodyworker
Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 2.46.13 pm.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 6.46.00 pm.png
Kirsten Stendevad
Expert on Feminine Leadership & Feminine centred business
Dr. Zelaika Clarke
Decolonial eroticologist, sexuality educator &  clinical sexologist 
David Bedrick
Somatic process worker & expert on shame, body image, diversity and social injustice
A'ida Shibili
Queer Indigenous Bedouin feminist, ecological and peace activist.
Dara Silverman
Activist & educator on Love, sexuality and queering relationship, building community, and system change.

"I don't feel I have enough time or even words to say everything I've experienced throughout this training. I could say that it was one of the most precious gifts I've given to myself. It gave me things I've craving for so long. It gave me a sense of safety, a sense of belonging. It brought consistency to my personal practices.


I feel I embody respect, allowing, being, not having to do, desire,

joy, rawness, embrace, honesty.


The Somatic Educator Training for Women brought me back to myself, to my Self, to my true, genuine, deep self.  And I couldn't thank the faculty enough and all women that held space for me." 


-  Maria, Brazil


What is Somatics?

Somatics offers us a therapeutic, sensation-based approach to

self-exploration and transformation.


Different from top-down, masculine oriented modalities that encourage people to follow an outside-in formula for change and healing, somatic learning is centred in feminine intelligence, guiding you to form a unique and FELT relationship with yourself and your own wisdom by sensing your experience from the inside.  

Somatic inquiry assists us in birthing otherwise unknown parts of ourselves and our experience into the known,  by making the unconscious conscious.  

This inquiry allows a softening into what is alive for us in the present moment,

gently empowering you to meet, explore, feel, breathe into, hold

and integrate exiled parts of yourself; the parts that we want to ignore, push away and not feel - from unprocessed shame, anger and unworthiness to the disowned pleasure, power & life force living inside of you. 

What is Somatics?

"The Somatic Educator for Women Training is an informative & embodied vessel for the emerging culture of strong powerful female warriors. It is a gateway for evolving woman to launch their true power, wisdom and potential out into the world and/or their inner world, whilst being held by the caring, professional and learned facilitators. I could not recommend this training more! 

I did this course to gain more confidence. What I received was much, much more. 


I am amazed at how much more free I am. More grounded and comfortable being me. I don't really care what others think about me now, because I feel safe and connected to who I am.


The Somatic processes, trauma & shadow side of the feminine teachings exceeded my expectations and provided me with so much depth and opening within myself and as a therapist. Forever grateful."

-  Kerrilyn Iris, Australia

T h e  b o d y  i s  t h e
n  u  r  t  u  r  e  r   o f  a l l   
o u r   d e e p e s t 
k n o w l e d g e


Our conditioned denial and repression of our embodied aliveness (especially in female bodies) through personal & collective conditioning & trauma, has taken us away from feeling safe, alive and free.

In turn, our fulfilment, safety and aliveness is perpetually dependant upon & outsourced from our relationships, work, productivity, doing,  self-image, amount of money etc. rather than self-sourced from our inner connection with ourself. 

Reclaiming our body wisdom is life-affirming; it inspires us to take responsibility for ourselves, our bodies and our fulfilment. 

When we know how to slow down, turn our gaze inward, and tune in with what is happening for us inside our bodies, we are able to BE intimately with ourselves. 

Growing your attunement to your somatic self offers you a place and practice that you can always return to,

no matter how you are, or what is happening around you.

You are able to open into a deep sense of intimacy, authenticity, and an embodied, long-lasting experience of feeling free and safe to be you.

Why somatic education?

"Somatics is the wave of the future, Because it is self-generated and self-regulating, it is available to everyone of all abilities."

Why Somatic education?

​​Soma is the Greek word for body. The practice of somatics is an inquiry into knowing ourselves and the world around us, by listening to the body and its language. This knowing can gift us with the direct experience of wholeness, as we connect with and embrace all that we are.

We do this by connecting with the felt sense: bringing our presence and awareness to the sensations, feelings, emotions, and images contained and spoken by our wild, intricate and delicate nervous systems.


We practice dropping into the field of embodied intelligence, simply by listening and following the impulses, messages, movements and sounds that our bodies show us. In turn, we become intimate with the ways that our bodies breathe, dance and speak the truth. 


By coming into close contact with your somatic world, and re-integrating its wisdom into the way that you relate to yourself, others and to life, you build capacity to live from your embodied aliveness: from who you are at your core.




Specifically designed for female bodies to reconnect to their natural embodied aliveness, The Somatic Educator for Women training can be taken as EITHER a personal journey or facilitator training, offering women the embodied instruction needed to live a life guided by their somatic wisdom.

Module 1 - The Feminine, The Felt Sense & Embodied Leadership

-Reclaiming the felt sense 

-Limbic resonance

-Embodied presence as leadership 

-Reframing “patriarchy” & resurrecting the Deep Feminine

-How the Deep Feminine has been lost and distorted

Module 2 - Foundations of Somatic Shadow work

-Introduction to the unconscious

-Development of the shadow

-Psychological projection 

-The masks we wear to seek validation & approval

-Relating from the felt sense

-Vulnerability, authenticity & transparency 

Module 3 - Trauma, Self-Regulation &

the Nervous System


-Introduction to trauma and the nervous systerm

-The developmental stages of trauma

-Nervous system health & the Four F's

-Self-regulation tool kit 

-Building a constructive relationship between the analytical and the embodied intelligences

-The emotional system

-Embodying sacred rage

Module 4 - The Menstrual Cycle 

-Biology, energetics & embodiment of the different phases of the Menstrual Cycle

-How to be productive in your business and life

according to your menstrual phases

Module 5 - Somatic Intelligence

-Somatic intelligence - perception VIMBAS & intersectionality

-Listening to & expressing from our body intelligence

-Trauma & Embodied Movement

Module 6 - Trauma-informed Facilitation & the Therapeutic Relationship

-Trauma informed facilitation 

-Person-centred approach / co-regulation & the therapeutic relationship

-Somatic therapeutic interventions

Module 7 - Somatic Psychotherapy Skills & Embodying Non-Dual Presence as a Space Holder

-Guiding from the present moment

-Opening to the field of felt awareness

-Relaxed arousal & limbic resonance

-Speaking from direct experience, beyond story & personality

-Listening, reflecting & deepening questions in groups & 1:1

-Deepening questions through the body

-Somatic therapeutic interventions

-Anchors & sacred pauses

Module 8 - Therapeutic Dance

-The power of therapeutic dance

-Processing emotions & sensations through

the body with movement & dance 

-Embodied dance practices

-Movement vocabulary 

Module 9 - Sexual / Body Sovereignty

-Sexual sovereignty

-The Vagina

-Ageism, sexism & body shame

-Sexual Trauma

-Honouring the sacredness of the period

and menstrual art as therapy

-Social and political view on patriarchy & the oppression of sexuality 

Module 10 - The Erotic, Desire & Pleasure

-Erotic innocence

-The therapeutic qualities of the Erotic

-Decolonizing the Erotic

-Therapeutic erotic dance practices

-Desire & the songs of Eros

-The healing potential of pleasure

Module 11 - The Shadow Side of

the Feminine  

-Internalised misogyny & the Madonna/whore split

-Slut shaming, threat jealousy & competition

between women

-Activism & the collective patriarchal embodiment of the feminine

-Decolonizing gender/unpacking the socialisation

of being a women

Module 12 - Accessing your Genius:

Creating your Teachings

-Creating a safe container

-Finding your Genius & message

-Structuring workshops and 1:1 sessions

-Feminine-centred approach to business & leadership

Video testimonials

"Through this training I realised how often I overrode the messages my body was communicating with me. I was over valuing my mind & the rational.  Now I am in relationship to my soma, my body.  This training is a remembering & a reclamation." 

-  Stella, USA

"We try to define what the feminine is, put it in a brandable box, make it powerful & sell it.
What this training gave me was this allowance of who I am as a women bodied person
to just - be. "

-  Kiran, USA

"We try to define what the feminine is, put it in a brandable box, make it powerful & sell it.
What this training gave me was this allowance of who I am as a women bodied person
to just - be. "

-  Kiran, USA

What's included?

  • 12 modules of somatic and embodiment teachings

  • More than 100 hours of live teaching session (recorded for re-stream)

  • All content downloadable for lifetime access

  • Pre-recorded practice videos

  • A package of embodiment practices & teachings that you can facilitate & incorporate into your work 

  • A support coach team that have gone through the training before, available for trauma-informed emotional support, questions & to help support the community. 

  • Digital training manual received at the end of the training. 

  • Online Community forum  for connection with the whole group, questions and communication with course facilitators 

  • Certificate of graduation (if competencies are met)

  • Use of the Somatic Institute for Women's logo on your website. 

  • The opportunity to become a part of the team in future trainings. 

Monthly group drop-in calls

Outside the bi-monhtly weekend live sessions, one a month on a Wednesday, we will have an open call for all participants who wish to join that will be an open space for sharing, connecting and support digesting the material of the course.

​The format of these sessions will be based around whatever wants to come through our group at each time and so may include group sharing, Q&As or therapeutic sessions.

​These calls will be a space of emergence, integration and deep listening outside of the live teaching calls.


You will be given pre-recorded, guided practices that you will need to watch and practice, in order to then upload a video of you demonstrating the practice along with a written journal/comment about your experience.

​Practice videos will usually be around 15-30mins long.


​​The lens of being an educator in this work is teaching from your direct experience. Embodying the practices are at the core of this approach. You will be required to take part in all the practices covered during the course.


​Practices will not be assessed but are there to keep you accountable and committed to this work and to be submitted & uploaded to your pod groups to track your journey while being witness by your fellow participants.


After each module you will have a small quiz with questions asking you to reflect on what you learnt. Both practices &  quiz need to be complete after each module. 

At the end of the training you will have 4 weeks after to submit 2 video practicums.


  • 1 video of you facilitating a group session (minimum of 2 other women participating)


  • 1 video of you facilitating a 1:1 session


​Both of these practicum videos should include themes & practices of your choice from the training.

Provided both practicums demonstrate your understanding and ability to apply and by guided by the teaching from the course, you will receive a certificate of completion for the Somatic Educator course.

What's included?

"The Somatic Educator training has truly changed my life. My nervous system will be thanking me for the rest of my life. I was already in the field of sexuality and women's health and this training truly brought me the next level. I'm so grateful I followed my inner guidance and decided to join the training." 


-  Feather, Hawai'i Island, USA




​Early Bird Investment

extended to March 31 2022

​$4,700 USD if paying with a payment plan

$300 deposit then 5x payments of $880 USD


$4,400 USD if paying in full

Full Investment

$5,169 USD if paying with a payment plan

$300 deposit then 5x payments of $973.80 USD


$4,900 USD if paying in full


"This training is an accurate combination of intellectual, emotional, embodied & spiritual work that every women who desires aliveness & freedom within should have access to.  Each faciliator was a true embodied example of their work. It was an honour to witness their wisdom and experience in action."


-   Zo, Israel

Course Schedule

Course Schedule

Overall, the Somatic Educator for Women training offers more than 100 hours of content.


This is made up of our live teaching sessions, monthly group sharing/Q&A sessions, and self-study time to go through the practices and assessment requirements.

Per month, you will need to dedicate between 16-20 hours to the course.

All live sessions will be recorded and made available to re-watch after the session.

Click to download all the
session dates here

"This training was a game changer for me and my womanhood, motherhood, personhood & relationships.


If you want to connect with yourself in a deep, meaningful, and loving way, please take this training. This course has helped me to connect deeply with myself and to my aliveness. It has been the most effective softening serum for me physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically.


I have a new intimacy with myself and also with my partner and child. It has changed my life by helping me navigate my inner world and outer world with more trust, discernment, grace, resilience, love and fun!"


-  Anne, USA


I will use the tools of this training at many stages of my life, the lows & the highs & all those juicy, curvy, in betweens... with partners, with lovers, with myself, in work, at home, in love, loss, pain, purpose, & best of all, I can be relaxed, ready, slow, & aroused.


I loved the transparency the facilitators shared within their teachings & the depth of topics were profound. Everything that allows me to be guided back to my body, my flesh, my blood, is sacred. I appreciate that the most. And this training did that and more.

Thank you for this gift.


-  Tiffany, USA

f r e e d o m   f r o m  s e x  s l a v e r y 

It is a great privilege to be able to afford and attend such trainings. Many women around the world do not have this type of freedom - actually, some do not have much freedom at all.  


Therefore, a percentage from each participant's investment into the training

will be donated to Art to Healing. 

Art to Healing is a charity consisting of an international team of specialist trauma-informed practitioners, therapists and researchers dedicated to the psychological and emotional recovery of children and women who have experienced child sex slavery, exploitation and sexual abuse.  They deliver tailor-designed, evidence-based psychosocial therapeutic programs, to allow for women and girls to repair, recover and return to a life free from sex slavery.

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