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This sanctuary offers an embodied

re-education back to the aspects of our humanity that have been relegated and neglected.


The Somatic Institute for Women was founded by Maanee Chrystal Joy, a somatic psychotherapist, dance therapist, erotic educator & somatic integrative trauma therapist

(read more about her in-depth story on embracing the feminine shadow & the seed's that created this school here with the intention of creating a sanctuary and community for female bodies. A space for women to discover and remember their natural sense of safety and aliveness. 

The core of the Institute is really about one thing:


One of the biggest challenges we face today is the phobia of deeply feeling and connecting to our inner experience through the body. 

Our western, colonial culture has not taught us how to simply feel what is happening inside our own skin. It has not shown us how to attune to the wisdom of our bodies. Because of this, we have forgotten that living from and being guided by the simplicity of being and feeling is even an option. 

Here at the Institute, we offer a reorientation towards feeling:

How to be present with every sensation and emotion.

How to meet the intensity of discomfort, the power of pleasure and the mystery of the void, with open arms, deep exhales and full surrender.

How to feel what wasn’t allowed to be felt. 

How to meet ourselves intimately at our core, share our truth, and live life from that place. 

This Institute offers an embodied re-education back to these aspects of our humanity that have been relegated and neglected. It is a school and a refuge for women to come back to the living wisdom of the Embodied Now.

Hi, I'm Maanee. I’m a Somatic Psychotherapist, Dance Therapist, Erotic Educator & Somatic Integrative Trauma Therapist in training & the founder of the Somatic Institute For Women. 

I have also been immersed in the field of movement for as long as I can remember. I’ve explored my self expression, sensual artistry, presence and aliveness through a diverse range of forms, including Classical Indian & Belly dance, Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation and worked as an Erotic dancer & stripper. 

I am a deep feeler and lover of the truth. An investigator of the hidden, denied and repressed. A beloved of presence, movement, deep belly breaths, touch, the Erotic and silence.


My muse is the sensuous, felt, emotional, watery realms of the underworld.


The teachings, visions and curations found in this space emerge not only from my 10 years of professional practice and study in the field of somatic therapeutic modalities and practices, but more importantly, from my living, breathing experience and inquiry of being in deep connection with the Shadow, the Body, the Erotic and the Feminine.

I believe that it is our birthright to feel safe, alive and free our bodies. 


That is why I created this school.

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