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October 2022

The Somatic Institute for Women is delighted to annouce that it is now a  Training Provider member of the IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapies) and that the Somatic Educator for Women Certification is now IICT accredited course.

The Somatic Educator for Women Certification is now an approved course with the International Institute for Complementary Therapies!


What does this mean for participants?


IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapies) is a network of over 10,000 complementary therapists from around the world, helping to support the recognition and credibility of over 1,100 different modalities of this work.


The Somatic Educator for Women Certification has been registered as a course in the modality of “somatic education”. 


We are the first of our kind with IICT, as somatic education is a new modality that we had to apply to have created and approved, so we're very excited to be broadening the reach and recognition of this work.


Upon earning your certificate of completion of the course (subject to you completing all the practices and final practicums) you will now have graduated from an IICT accredited course, formally recognising the 100+ hours of education you have been through. Your certificate issued at the end of the course will reflect this.


Should you wish it, you can then apply for IICT membership as a Qualified Practitioner of Somatic Education, and this will give you access to IICT's insurance partners to get liability cover for your own work as a somatic educator.


You can also apply for Student Membership with IICT even before you have completed the Somatic Educator for Women Certification, for just $1 USD, which you can then upgrade to Practitioner Membership after graduating.

You can find out more about IICT and membership & how to join them on their website.


The Somatic Institute for Women receives no benefit, financial or otherwise, from your membership with IICT: we have applied for our accreditation entirely to boost the credibility and value of our course and are in no other way affiliated with IICT.


What are the benefits of participating in a course accredited by an organisation like IICT?


Accredited courses go through a process of meeting certain standards that are assessed by a professional body, in our case The International Institute of Complementary Therapies, and their insurance partners.


This assessment ensures that safe & integrous protocols are in place, offering high quality teachings and, in our case, safety to train others.


Being certified & becoming a member of IICT can benefit your career and your credibility as a somatic educator, setting you apart from graduates of unregulated training courses and lower quality training.


Being a member of IICT and having graduated from an accredited course also makes it easier for you to obtain insurance as a trained somatic educator and support you with professional liability indemnity.


If you would like to seek membership with IICT:

Find out more about joining IICT on their website.


You can sign up for STUDENT MEMBERSHIP whilst still completing the Somatic Eductor for Women Certification and once you have finished the training you can upgrade your membership to a QUALIFIED PRACTITIONER one.

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