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What is the Shadow? 

In Jungian psychology, the “Shadow", refers to the unconscious. It is everything we exile, reject or are unaware of about ourselves and the world around us.

Shadow work is a reclamation of your wholeness.


It is a courageous journey into the depth of your core. A meeting of the lost parts of self. The parts that we learnt are not allowed to be known, expressed & felt.


The parts that were shamed. The parts that we were taught are not safe. The parts that we hide & deny, because it threatened our sense of belonging & our need for love & connection.


It is in the reclamation of these orphaned parts of self, hidden within our body, psyche, nervous system & soul, that we find our greatest gifts, our wild aliveness & our deep sense of enoughness.  

It is in befreinding our shadow, we find our true, embodied & felt sense of freedom. 

. Unpacking the Feminine shadow.

Who are we as women, when we embody freedom outside of the structures

of internalized patriarchy & misogyny?

Over 1000's of years women & their bodies have been subject to the patriarchal frequency. So much to a point that we don't even question it, because it is literally the waters we swim in.

Through this, women have a complex relationship to their identity & body. Layers of shaming and conditioning around our sexuality, menstruation, pregnancy, ageing, motherhood, gender roles, body image, workplace, power and so much more that has been deeply impacted by patriarchy.

But what we are more interested in unpacking in this workshop series, is not about how we are a victim to this paradigm but how we have internalized it as women, continue to perpetuate it and how we can come back to living life in relationship to our authenticity and natural state of being. 

This immersion is a laboratory to dismantle the programming we as female bodied beings have received and an embodied investigation towards reclaiming and exalting the feminine outside of the structures of patriarchy. 

In this process, we will ask big questions, lean into the uncomfortable, and challenge our conditioning and beliefs. You will experience the power of the shadow as an ally,  rather than seeing it as something to be ashamed of and push away.

A taste of the Feminine Shadow teachings

Workshop #1
Foundations Of Shadow Work

In this first workshop you will be introduced to the courageous journey that is shadow work. We will explore how to come into a meeting of the lost parts of self. The parts that we learnt are not allowed to be known, expressed & felt.

How & why the shadow develops, why we experience shame & why we fear to be honest, authentic & vulnerable in the way we relate to ourselves & others.


How to become aware of your own shadow through tracking the ways we seek validation & approval & project unintegrated shadow aspects onto other people.


How to start to feel safe to express authentically, be honest & feel in deeper connection to yourself & others.

Workshop #2
Dismantling Internalized Misogyny in Women

Whether conscious or unconscious, the longing to feel seen, wanted, loved and desired is intrinsically woven within our body, psyche & nervous system as women.


Yet, through unhealthy programming, we have collapsed into objectifying ourselves and our bodies as a way to seek love, validation & approval.
In this 2 hour workshop we explore how internalized misogyny shows up in our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes & bodies as women. Slut shaming. Threat, jealousy & competition between women. Objectification of the body vs Inhabitation of the body.

Workshop #3
Embodying Feminine Intelligence

One of the biggest challenges we face today is the phobia of deeply feeling and connecting to our full emotional, sensual, erotic, psychological & spiritual landscape, through the body.
In this 2 hour workshop we will integrate the teachings from the first two days into the body.


You will gain trauma-informed resources to cultivate a somatic sense of safety in order to come into contact with the deep feminine- your direct, felt experience of embodied presence, as a way to meet yourself in your essential, core nature.

Your guide

Maanee Chrystal Joy

Maanee is a Trauma-Informed Somatic Psychotherapist, Dance Therapist, Erotic Educator & Somatic Integrative Trauma therapist in training, with a strong background of study practice in Non-Daul Shaiva Tantra & a comprehensive background in various art forms of dance & embodiment.  

Maanee's offerings are an embodiment of her avid examination into her own shadows over the past 10 years.  She is a deep feeler & lover of the truth. An investigator of the hidden & denied. Her muse is the taboo, presence, movement, relating, deep belly breathes, touch, the Erotic & silence. Maanee's transmission has touched 1000's of women around the world teaching on the topics of the therapeutic qualities of the erotic, the feminine & shadow work. . She is the founder of the Shadow Side Of The Feminine Global Summit, The Somatic Educator for women certification staring April 2022 & the Somatic Institute for Women.



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