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Somatic Educator For Women
2023 Application

Our training has commenced as of Feb 15th however we are keeping applications open until Feb 22. If you are accepted into the training you will be enrolled into our platform where you can catch up on any sessions you missed this week! 

How would you describe your capacity for financial investment into this training?



In VERY specific cases, we offer 5-25% discounts to those who experience financial hardship  and are in NEED of financial support.


This ONLY includes:

- Single mothers on a low income

- Those significantly impacted by economic disparity created via currency conversion

- Those living in crisis/ war areas where it difficult to find work & their safety is impacted ( example: Ukraine ) 

-Those who suffer from health issues not covered by insurance & have no current income due to this

If you identify as in need of this, please share your background and reasons why you feel, over others, you should gain financial support.


We only have a limited amount of capacity to offer discount, and so we ask for your discernment and for you to feel into if you truly need this over someone else.  


***We are unable to offer full or partial scholarships or work exchanges.

Taking part in the Certification will require a time commitment of around 25 hours per month from you, needed for our course calls and regular self-study.


There will be due dates for practices each month & an assessment that must be completed 4 weeks after the final call date of the training in order to graduate. 


How do you feel about this time commitment? Does it feel do-able for you or overwhelming?

Are you interested in the Upgrade of 4 business coaching & somatic psychotherapy sessions with Maanee? ($1,000 USD for 4 sessions)


You are also able to choose this option at any time between March - November 2023. 

We thank you in advance for taking the time to consider these questions carefully and put together your answers to them.


After you have completed this form, we will get back to you within 3-5 business days to let you know if you have been accepted and get you on-boarded into the training (the exciting part!).

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