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Sensation Is Sacred

A 3 part workshop series that redefines sensuality as a path towards wholeness, freedom, aliveness & radical change in the world.


Join Maanee Chrystal for a three-part workshop series to explore the transformative power of sensuality. Discover how sensuality can be a vital nutrient for our overall well-being, joy, and sense of fulfillment. Maanee will guide you to explore the intersection of the oppression of the feminine, the body, and sensuality, and how these elements contribute to capitalism, trauma, and our phobia of feeling.


Through an embodied, philosophical, scientific, and practical approach, you will rediscover your inherently sensual nature and learn to access this abundant and renewable resource.


Reclaiming your sensuality not only reconnects you with yourself but also becomes a force for inner and outer change, creating a more empathic and attuned world, that of which is greatly needed now, more than ever.


The workshops will inspire you to see the world in a new way, offering a chance to create lasting change towards a more connected future.

Our culture's emphasis on constant doing, achieving, and striving for more often disconnects us from our innate ability to experience pleasure, joy, belonging, and connection. However, the transformative power of sensuality offers a path to reconnect with ourselves and the world around us.


In these workshops you will redefine sensuality and embody its power to shift your orientation from external achievement and validation to a deeper sense of presence and connection within yourself, while also acting as a form of powerful activism against capitalism & colonial constructs that feed into our collective disconnection and separation towards ourselves, others & the earth. 



Workshop 1 
 Reclaiming Sensualiy as pathway to wholeness

In this workshop, you will be taken through the cycle of internalised capitalism & how it disconnects us to our embodied sensuality.  You will explore how to expand our notions of sensuality in a healthy way, how sex-negative culture has misguided us into equating sensuality with sexuality, and what is needed to reorient ourselves towards a sensual, embodied engagement with all of life.

Embodied sensuality is a vital aspect of experiencing the full spectrum of life and aliveness available to us. In this workshop, we will explore the importance of taking a trauma-aware approach to embodying sensuality, and how connecting with our sensations is the language of the body that helps us regulate our nervous system and communicate safety to the brain, in order for us to feel relaxed, open and connected within ourselves You will learn practical techniques to regulate your nervous system, deepen your connection to your somatic world, and access more sensuality, connection, and pleasure in your life. 


Workshop 2
Sensation, the brain & the nervous system. 


Workshop 3 
Sensuality & Pleasure as a form of activism : Somatic practices to embody your sensual nature.

In this final workshop you will be guided into trauma aware, somatic practices that will support you to embody sensuality not only as a temporary experience but as a way of being in the world. We will explore how living from a place of embodied pleasure and body wisdom threatens & counteracts the current systems we are embedded in, which program us to seek fulfilment outside of ourselves, profit from this and contributes to our collective consciousness of separation and disconnection and destruction of the earth.

What Our Students Say

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